Why digital airport management technology is key to aviation recovery

Why Digital Airport Management Technology is Key to Aviation Recovery

Air travel across Europe is increasing, and while it still has a way to go to reach pre-pandemic levels, the industry is optimistic as recovery figures grow almost daily. Growth is being seen across Europe and by the end of June had already reached more than half (53%) the demand experienced in this period in[…]

US Plan for Significant Aviation Investment

Since President Biden called on Congress to invest $25 billion in the countries’ airports at the end of March, industry leaders have described it as a ‘solid beginning’ to help the sector ‘taxi towards brighter days’. The government’s Airport Improvement Program has been designed to address safety improvements, boost capacity and update many of the[…]

India Plans Major Investments in Airport Infrastructure

India Plans Major Investments in Airport Infrastructure

Since ACI praised India’s announcement for plans to attract further private investment in its airports earlier this year, an additional 100 airports and 1000 routes have been proposed by 2024. The proposal, discussed at private talks at the end of October, included a review of infrastructural investment needed during the next five years to bring[…]

Brexit and Capacity Concerns Remain as Europes Passenger Numbers Rise

Brexit and Capacity Concerns Remain as Europe’s Passenger Numbers Rise

ACI last month confirmed that 2018 passenger numbers soared in Europe, rising 6.1% to 2.34 billion, almost 137 million more passengers than in 2017. 16.5 million of these additional passengers passed through the region’s top five airports – London Heathrow, Paris CDG, Amsterdam Schiphol, Frankfurt and Istanbul’s Ataturk. It is interesting to note however, that[…]

ACI Stress Importance of Global Airport Infrastructure Investment to Cope with Rising Demand

ACI Stress Importance of Global Airport Infrastructure Investment to Cope with Rising Demand

Last month saw ACI put emphasis on the importance of making investments in airport infrastructure around the world to strengthen the ability to accommodate rising flight passenger traffic, passenger expectations and experience and continue to meet increasing mandatory safety, data and security requirements. Angela Gittens, director general of ACI World said, ‘Investing in new and[…]

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