A-SPS: The A-ICE Smart Proximity System
COVID-19: Supporting passengers with low-contact transit through the terminal.
A-ICE helps passenger operators balance safety risks for cargo transportation
COVID-19 has led to upheaval in the aviation industry, one unexpected consequence of this is that fleet operators are seeing demand for their spare capacity to be used to transport cargo rather than people. As a company, A-ICE is proud to support operators in their efforts to maintain a level of service in difficult circumstances.
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A-ICE is a leading provider of IT solutions for airports, airlines, and ground handlers
From booking to departure and everything in between
A full suite of aviation software tools that enhance efficiency across all areas of operation.
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Smart Proximity Solution


Departure Control System


Weight and Balance


Baggage Reconciliation System


Contract and Billing


A-ICE CUBE Infrastructure


Flight Information Display System


Handling Data Base


Message Distribution System


Multimedia Information System


Collaborative Logistics Optimization System

At A-ICE, we design and implement software for airlines, airport operators and ground handlers. Our specialist products and in-depth knowledge of the aviation sector make us the ideal partner to ensure your operations are running as efficiently as possible. We prioritise technical innovation, ensuring our team of engineers deliver technically advanced solutions that meet the latest standards and fit precisely with the needs of your business.

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