A-ICE at IATA Ground Handling Conference IGHC Paris

Come and see us at IGHC Paris 2022 (31st May – 2nd June)

The annual IATA Ground Handling Conference (IGHC) is fast approaching, and A-ICE are excited to be exhibiting this year. Come and see us in Paris at booth 33 from 31st May- 2nd June 2022. Register now and save 10% with a special discount code – 2210IGHC. One of the industry’s premier conferences, IGHC brings airlines,[…]

Keeping Airport IT Simple A-ICE Airport Operations

Keeping Airport IT Simple

Airport operations are traditionally complex, incorporating passenger, flight and security data, baggage handling and compliance, plus a host of other processes that are central to everyday operation. With passenger numbers on the rise alongside burgeoning regulations, keeping airport IT simple is the key to providing passengers with the experience they are looking for. As airports[…]

Automate Weight and Balance Pre-Flight Planning A-ICE Airport Operations

Automate Weight and Balance to Simplify Pre-Flight Planning

Pre-flight planning is a complex process, consisting of many different parts and various teams. An important aspect of planning is ensuring accurate Weight and Balance for the safety and stability of the flight. This is because an imbalanced load can lead to an array of problems and in the worst cases, prevent the aircraft from[…]

How Ground Handling Tech Gives Wings to Airport Management

Ground handlers all over the world are beginning to understand the benefits and value that ground handling technology and cloud services bring to airport management. It is becoming clearer that traditional on-premises software, manual processes and legacy systems and services have been slowing operations for years, and the way forward really does lie in technology.[…]

Three Ways to Transform Passenger Experience A-ICE Airport Operations

Three Ways to Transform Passenger Experience

Passenger experience is high on the priority list for global airports of all sizes. It is becoming increasingly important to ensure passengers can enjoy a smooth, trouble and stress-free journey, not only within the airport and during the flight, but from the moment they make their booking. With demand rising and expectations high, airports and[…]

See A-ICE at the Dubai Airport Show

See A-ICE at the Dubai Airport Show 17th-19th May 2022

The Dubai Airport Show is one of the most important in the Asia airport calendar, historically attracting over 5000 aviation industry visitors from across the world. The three-day event covers the latest industry highlights and low points and this year’s focus is firmly on shaping the future of global airports. 200 exhibitors at the Dubai[…]

European Travel Continues Recovery Despite Restrictions

European Travel Continues Recovery Despite Restrictions

The European aviation industry is continuing promising recovery, now also beginning to see stable, if gradual growth in its share of international capacity. Growth has slowed its pace, however, and some industry experts blame this in part on a non-uniform approach to Europe’s easing of restrictions. The differing guidelines for testing, vaccinations, distancing measures and[…]

Increasing Passenger Confidence with Social Distancing Technology

Increasing Passenger Confidence with Social Distancing Technology

Increasing passenger confidence is an important part of the aviation recovery strategy. Providing a safe, controlled and distanced airport environment is, therefore, a core responsibility and high on the priority list for airport operators and airlines all over the world. A-ICE believes that smart technologies and innovative solutions hold the keys to ensuring a low-contact,[…]

Soar into a New Normal with Airline IT Solutions

Soar into a New Normal with Airline IT Solutions

With the aviation industry now looking at how to adapt to returning passenger numbers, the focus is once again back firmly on the passenger experience. New and additional requirements spell longer queues for many travelers and airlines know that they need to keep public trust in flying at a high, without causing big delays. Establishing[…]

2022 Cargo Growth Strong and Rising

2022 Cargo Growth Strong and Rising

The cargo sector of the aviation industry has experienced stronger growth than any other over the past 12 months. So much so, that at the GHI Conference last year, cargo was hailed as the ‘star of the show’ after growth during the pandemic. It was said that this sector, fuelled by the rise in eCommerce[…]

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